Miller Radcliffe Marketing, Inc.

Media Solutions Partner


What we do

  • Market research and analysis.  MRM brings an objective viewpoint and third party marketing and media research information to the planning process.  We subscribe to research normally only available through much larger advertising agencies and we use it daily.
  • Account and project management. Whether it is an annual media plan or a seasonal promotion, you can count on MRM to manage the process and information flow from the first pre-planning session through the post analysis with attention to every detail.
  • Fully explored media plans that start with investigating all options in addition to looking at current media plan performance. We don’t rely on the status quo and are always looking for new ways to deliver marketing goals.  Once a plan is approved and executed, we continue to review and upgrade it until the last impression is delivered.
  • National, regional & local media planning with research backup down to the zip code level up to national and international stage. With multi-unit retailers and franchise organizations, we approach each individually and “roll up” to ensure parity and set results expectations on a local and regional basis.
  • Integration of traditional & online media that takes advantage of the unique strengths of each and allows for the greatest possible combined effect is the goal of all MRM media plans.  A balanced online/offline media mix is perhaps the most important factor in the success of any given campaign.
  • Optimized media negotiation, merchandising, buying and stewardship that starts with market knowledge and profound experience negotiating with all media types, including securing bonus and value-added elements to increase campaign visibility. It includes daily monitoring of online and traditional media and an open-door policy with media reps to foster partnership and top-of-mind awareness when great opportunities present themselves.
  • Media planning workshops for small businesses and franchise  owners with the knowledge they need to manage their own advertising budgets locally. These seminars provide practical guidance on how to develop a basic media plan and work with the media to get the most from their advertising budget.
  • Media consulting is available from MRM for those who do not need a full service partner. For example MRM has negotiated local television buys for clients who otherwise handle their own advertising


  • Consumer Profiling
  • Market Analysis
  • B2B and B2C
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Branding Campaign Development
  • Fully Executable Media Plans
  • New Product Introductions
  • Grand Openings & Event Media Support
  • Customer Retention Relationship Programs
  • Branding & Lead Generation
  • Traditional media, Online, PPC, Social Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Rate Negotiations
  • Media Placement, Execution & Stewardship
  • Added Value Negotiations
  • Vendor Program Development
  • Retail Site Selection
  • “How-to” Educational Workshops

Media Experience

  • Online – Display, video, mobile
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Print – magazines & newspapers
  • Broadcast TV – national & local
  • Radio – network & local
  • Outdoor
  • Transit
  • Direct Mail
  • Guerilla media


MRM subscribes to  a full complement of research sources  that enable us to objectively look at many different media options.

  • Gfk MRI Survey of the American Consumer  audience demographics & product usage is a staple of our research library.  MRI takes the guesswork out of media planning.  This single source allows us to identify and profile target audiences and their media habits.  We can define target demographics and analyze their purchasing behaviors and intentions, brand loyalties, lifestyle and attitudes.  Based on MRI’s detailed media usage, we can explore a variety of media options and develop effective media plans for even the most customized target audiences
  • KANTAR Media  This research tool provides us with comprehensive digital intelligence by providing site, search and referred analytics. It allows us to evaluate traffic and engagement metrics, demographics data and keyword and search metrics.
  • KANTAR Media Competitive Intelligence tells us where your competition is advertising and how much they are spending.  This information is important in setting an offensive or defensive strategy.
  • Claritas Ixpress (A Neilsen company).  This is a desktop research tool that covers the total US down to zip code level. Data can be organized by standard geographies, travel time, driving radius or by drawing a shape on a map.  Mapping and graphing tools are incorporated into this software.  Customer databases and other proprietary client databases (such as sales by zip code) can be appended to the master database.  The Discovery Series Database provides complete demographic information for people and households, including home value, income,    ethnicity, education, age of home, and much much more.  The Business Facts Database provides data on business by NAICS code including number of businesses, number of employees, total sales for retail, service businesses and healthcare. The Consumer Buying Expenditures Database provides data on all consumer expenditures from apparel to home improvements to education to child care. This data includes current year and five year projections of aggregate and per household expenditures indexed to the US.


  • Google Adwords Partner Certification. We have developed and managed SEM PPC campaigns for 10+ years with great success.